Firearm Sales & Transfer Information

Transferring a Firearm with our Shop

Please give us a call or email with what you are looking for before purchasing online. Most of the time after shipping and transfer fees we can save you money.

Firearm Transfer In Bound:

$100 per firearm

Firearm Transfer Out Bound:

$50 per package + Shipping Fees

Bringing a Handgun into the State of California

Single Shot Pistols:

$120 For Transfer

$37.19 State of California DROS Fee

7.25% Sales Tax On COMPLETED Firearm

Intra-familial Transfers:

$120 For Paperwork and Transfer

$37.19 State of California DROS Fee

No CA Sales Tax To Be Collected

Intra-familial Transfers

For all intrafamilial transfers we need a letter stating the following:


   I, (NAME OF FAMILY MEMBER), am gifting the following pistol (MAKE) and (MODEL) with serial number (SERIAL NUMBER) to my (RELATIONSHIP) as a gift. 


This letter needs to be dated and we need a copy of the family members drivers license that is shipping/gifting along with their contact info and the name and contact info of their family member. Transfers can only happen up and down the family tree, father/mother/grandparent and NOT brother/sister/cousin. Have any questions, or would like a template to use, please email us at



Transfers From Individuals:

We accept transfers from non licensees (individuals). However we do not release our FFL to anyone that is not a licensee. You may verify our FFL by using the ATF FFL EZ CHECK WEBSITE and entering 9-68-03672. They must include a copy of their drivers license, an invoice and the purchasers contact information. A $20 fee will be charged if these documents are not included.


Shipping a Firearm To Another FFL:

We will ship a firearm to another FFL at no cost except for shipping, insurance and packaging material if needed.Our FFL can be verified by visiting:

Then enter 9-68-06864


24 hours after a firearm arrives we will charge a storage fee of $1 per day. After 6 months the firearm is forfeited and will be sold to cover cost.

If you, or the dealer you are purchasing from, has any questions on what is or is not California compliant please feel free to email us at and we will help in any way.


Transferred Firearms:

$1 per day / per firearm

Transferred Ammunition:

$5 per day / per order


$30 per month / per firearm

*Important Notice Regarding Storage Charges for Transfers of Ammunition and Firearms:

Upon the arrival of your transferred ammunition or firearms, you will be promptly notified and will have 24 hours to come start the paperwork process. Storage charges of $1 per day for firearms or $5 per day for ammo will be charged starting 24 hours after arrival. To minimize storage charges, we encourage you to track your shipments to us and retrieve your ammunition or firearm promptly after receiving the notice of arrival. This ensures both the timely transfer of ownership and the responsible handling of your items.

Firearm Transfer Form

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