Firearm/Ammunition Sales & Transfer Information

Firearm Purchase Requirements:

You must have all of the following with you at the time of purchase:

  •  Valid CA REAL ID or Drivers’ License. If the ID or DL has “Federal Limits Apply” in the upper right corner check here for additional documentation needed. []
  • Proof of physical address (1 proof for long guns and 2 for handguns) [Acceptable Proofs of Residency]
  • Valid Firearms Safety Certificate.  Effective Jan. 1, 2015, CA State Law requires firearms buyers (unless exempted) to obtain the Firearms Safety Certificate (FSC) prior to the transfer of a firearm. In order to obtain the FSC, you must pass a written test on firearm safety and laws as specified by CA State Law. Persons who successfully pass the test will be issued the FSC at the store. The CA Dept. of Justice (DOJ) has published the study guide below as a means to prepare individuals to pass the FSC test. Click on the English or Spanish version to download a .pdf version of the study guide. (The DOJ no longer offers printed copies of the study guide.) Find a list of exemptions here: []

Ammo Purchase Requirements:

You Must have the following with you at the time of purchase:

  • If the address on your ID is a PO Box or is not current, customers must provide current address.

Standard Check ($1 per transaction Eligibility Check):

  • At least 1 firearm record in the AFS (Automated Firearm System) that matches your current info. If you've purchased either a.) a long gun since 2014 or b.) a handgun since 1990, then you are in this system. If you own a firearm but are not in the system, or your information in the system is not up to date, you can register your firearm or update your information here:
  • This check is almost instantaneous, not more than 3 minutes on average.

Basic Check ($19 per transaction Eligibility Check):

  • You'll need this check if you don't have a firearm on record in the AFS or your information in the AFS is not up to date.
  • You'll also not be able to pickup your ammunition until you pass the check, which takes 10 to 14 days.
  • If you opt for the Basic Eligibility Check, you can track it's progress here:

Ammunition Transfer Fees:

Effective immediately, Auburn Guns & Ammo will have the following fee schedule for ammunition transfers. This fee does not apply to the ammunition available for sale in our store. All ammunition transfers will need to fill out the form below and email it to us PRIOR to having ammo shipped to us. Failure to follow this step will incur an additional charge of $10


Private Party Ammunition Transfer Fee 

$5 and no sales tax due. 

Both parties must be present to conduct a Private Party Ammunition Transfer. 


Ammunition Order Transfer Fee

Invoiced amount up to $400 = $40 

Invoiced amount over $400 = 10% of invoiced amount 


Storage fees for Vendor Transferred Ammunition Received: 

Up to 2 days = Free

3-7 days = $10 additional fee

8-30 days = $100.00 additional fee

Ammunition left for more than 30 days will be considered abandoned. 

CA Sales Tax must be collected on the full invoiced amount of the ammunition shipment 

All ammunition shipments received MUST have an original invoice with shipment so the proper sales tax can be collected.  


*Ammunition will only be released to the customer listed on the invoice.

*All fees are non-refundable.

*All terms and fees subject to change at the sole discretion of Auburn Guns and Ammo

Transferring a Firearm to our Shop

Please give us a call or email with what you are looking for before purchasing online. Most of the time after shipping and transfer fees we can save you money.

Bringing a Handgun into the State of California

On-Roster Semi-Auto Pistols:

$60 For Transfer

$37.19 For State Of California DROS Fee

CA Sales Tax


Off Roster Revolvers:

$60 For Transfer

$50 Single Action Fee (SAE)

$37.19 State of California DROS Fee

CA Sales Tax


Intra-familial Transfers:

$55 for paperwork, $60 for transfer ($105 total)

$37.19 State of California DROS Fee

No CA Sales Tax To Be Collected


Intra-familial Transfers

For all intrafamilial transfers we need a letter stating the following:


   I, (NAME OF FAMILY MEMBER), am gifting the following pistol (MAKE) and (MODEL) with serial number (SERIAL NUMBER) to my (RELATIONSHIP) as a gift. 


This letter needs to be dated and we need a copy of the family members drivers license that is shipping/gifting along with their contact info and the name and contact info of their family member. Transfers can only happen up and down the family tree, father/mother/grandparent and NOT brother/sister/cousin. Have any questions, or would like a template to use, please email us at


Single Shot Transfers:

$60 For Transfer

$300 SSE Fee

$37.19 State of California DROS Fee

7.75% Sales Tax On COMPLETED Firearm



Transfers From Individuals:

We accept transfers from non licensees (individuals). However we do not release our FFL to anyone that is not a licensee. You may verify our FFL by using the ATF FFL EZ CHECK WEBSITE and entering 9-33-06914. They must include a copy of their drivers license, an invoice and the purchasers contact information. 


Bringing a Long Gun/Receiver into the State of California

All Rifles/Shotguns/Long Guns must be CA compliant BEFORE entering the state. We cannot accept them and make them compliant.

$60 For Each Transfer

$37.19 For State Of California DROS Fee

CA Sales Tax

$25 Fee For Returning a Non CA Compliant Long Gun + Shipping

$10 Fee For Not Receiving CFLC With Shipment, Please Make Sure The Shipping FFL Is Familiar With CA Paperwork


Transfers Shipped Using Packing Peanuts:

We charge $10 for any shipment we receive that contains packing peanuts. We also warn all shipping FFLs prior to shipping to not use packing peanuts. These create a mess and very time consuming. Please note that if the FFL shipping your gun uses packing peanuts we will charge you $10 additional on the transfer.


Shipping a Firearm To Another FFL:

We will ship a firearm to another FFL at no cost except for shipping, insurance and packaging material if needed.Our FFL can be verified by visiting:

Then enter 9-33-06914


10 days after a firearm arrives we will charge a fee of $75 per month for storage. After 6 months the firearm is forfeited and will be sold to cover cost. This does not apply to people with NFA transfers, deployed military or individuals who made arrangements beforehand etc. 



If you, or the dealer you are purchasing from, has any questions on what is it is not California compliant please feel free to email us at and we will help in any way.

California Firearm Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the minimum legal age to purchase a firearm in California?

  • 21 years of age for rifles or shotguns. (Hunting license exemption for long guns other than semi-auto centerfire rifles; also LE or Military exemption on all long guns.)
  • 21 years of age for handguns, lower receivers* and “pistol-grip only” shotguns*.
    *Federal regulations prohibit the sale of “non-shoulder fired” firearms to persons under the age of 21 (Click here for ATF Newsletter November 2009)

How long is the waiting period for firearm purchases in California?

  • 10 days, calculated as ten, consecutive, 24-hour periods commencing at the initiation of the DROS process. Qualified persons such as peace officers may be exempt from the 10-day waiting period.
  • Once the 10-day period has passed, purchasers must pick-up their firearm within 30 days of the initial background check.

I was notified that my background check status was “undetermined”; what does that mean?

  • If the DOJ cannot determine a buyer’s eligibility, they will place a delay on the background check. Typically, those are resolved with an approval, or sometimes with an outright denial, usually within 30 days or sooner. On occasion, the DOJ cannot determine the buyer’s eligibility within 30 days; at that point the background check becomes “undetermined”.
  • CA law permits a dealer to cancel the transaction and issue a refund or to deliver the firearm. If your background check status becomes undetermined, we will issue a refund for the firearm and will encourage you to contact CA DOJ in order to learn what created the delay/undetermined status so that you can rectify the issue in order to avoid future occurrences of the same status on future purchases.

Do I have to pass a background check to purchase ammo?

  • Beginning July 1, 2019 customers buying ammo must undergo a background check to purchase ammo. While most customers can utilize the $1, usually instant, background check, customers who have moved since they last purchased a firearm in CA and/or other persons without a firearm of record in the CA database will have to utilize the more expensive $19 background check. See staff in-store for more info.

Who is prohibited from purchasing or possessing firearms in California?

  • Persons convicted of felonies or certain misdemeanors, persons addicted to narcotics, persons adjudicated to be mentally defective, persons who are under the restrictions of a temporary restraining order (domestic violence) are amongst the persons who may not purchase or possess firearms. A very specific list of felony and misdemeanor offenses that prohibit firearms ownership is available here.

What are the additional requirements necessary for purchasing a firearm?

  • Firearms Safety Certificate
  • Since Jan. 1, 2015, purchasers must possess a Firearm Safety Certificate (or present a qualifying exemption) to purchase a firearm. You can obtain the FSC by successfully passing the written FSC test. The test consists of 30 questions; passing scores are 23 answers correct or more. The cost of taking the test is $10; upon passing the test, the FSC card costs $15. Study materials will be available online. The test may be taken during normal store hours. The FSC is valid for 5 years from date of issuance.
  • Safe Handling Demonstration
  • The SHD is a set of firearm handling skills that must be performed by the purchaser with the gun they are purchasing or with a gun of the same model as the one that is being purchased. The skills include checking that the firearm is empty, unlocking it, loading it with a dummy round, then unloading it and relocking it. This demonstration is performed at the time of DROS. Some buyers are exempted; ask store staff for details.
  • Proof of Residency (Handgun purchases only)
  • CA law mandates that customers purchasing handguns provide proof of residency secondary to a CA Driver’s License or ID card. Utility bills from within the last 90 days, property deeds, lease or rental agreements, or government issued permits, licenses or registrations are acceptable proofs of residency that meet the CA handgun residency requirements.
  • Certain ID’s Require Additional Documents
  • If you possess a CDL/CID with the words “Federal Limits Apply” printed on your CDL/CID, you will need to present other documents such as a certified copy of your birth certificate or a passport/passport card. Contact store for more info.

The address on my CA Driver’s License has changed or the address is a business address or P.O. Box. Why do I have to provide additional proof of residency if I have already done so in my handgun purchase or if I am purchasing a rifle or shotgun?

  • Federal law mandates that a dealer may not sell or transfer a firearm unless the purchaser provides the dealer with a current and valid government-issued picture ID that includes the purchaser’s residence address. If the address on your CA Driver’s license is not current or if the address reflects a business address or P.O. Box, you will be required to provide a government document (such as vehicle) registration that reflects your current residence address.

Why do I have to buy a gunlock or trigger lock with the purchase of my gun?

  • California law requires that all firearms sold, be transferred with a trigger lock, cable lock, qualifying gun cabinet or lock box, or gun safe. These devices may include CA approved trigger/cable locks that come with most new firearms or one that was purchased within the last 30 days, provided that it is accompanied by a receipt.
  • State law allows persons who already own a safe or lock box to sign an affidavit attesting to ownership of those devices. However Federal law, which went into effect after the passage of CA law, mandates that a trigger lock accompany any handgun transfer without consideration of CA law. Effectively this means that safe affidavits are no longer acceptable for handgun transfers.

What if the gun I am purchasing comes with a gunlock, trigger lock or other safety device?

  • If the device that comes with your gun is on the “CA approved” list than you will not need to purchase another gunlock or cable.

Is there a limit to the number of firearms that a person can purchase at one time?

  • California law limits the purchase of handguns to no more than one handgun transferred from a dealer to an individual within any 30-day period. Note that firearms transferred between individuals that are transacted through dealers, (known as Private Party Transfers), are exempt from the one-handgun-a-month restriction, as are consignment handgun purchases made from CA dealers.
  • Currently California law does not limit the number of long guns (rifles or shotguns) purchased by one person or within any specific time period. But, beginning July 1, 2021 most CA gun buyers will be restricted from purchasing more that one handgun or one semiautomatic, centerfire rifle in any 30-day window. (Some exemptions apply- ie. private party transfers, law enforcement officers, etc.)

I am selling my gun to a friend, how do I do it?

  • Sales conducted between unlicensed individuals are called Private Party Transfers. PPT’s must be brokered through licensed dealers. Both parties must be present at the time of the sale. The purchaser bears the cost of the transaction ($37.19 in DOJ fees and $10 per gun in dealer fees) and must meet all the qualifications as outlined above. The firearms will remain at Turner’s Outdoorsman during the 10-day waiting period.

Why are some models of handguns not legal for sale in California?

  • CA law dictates that only those guns deemed “not unsafe” may be sold. In order to be listed, handguns must be submitted to the state for testing and must include certain features such as magazine disconnect safeties or loaded chamber indicators. Since July 2013, CA law also requires that handguns imprint a “microscopic array” on fired shell casings in order to be added to the list. At the current time, no new models of handguns feature “microstamping”.

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